Floral Ice Cream Flavors

Lavender Ice Cream

This purple flower is best-known for its herbal scent, but Iranians have been making heavenly treats with Lavender for centuries. Unlock elegant, Middle-Eastern flavor with every bite of Lavender ice cream, infused with just the right amount of bittersweetness in a creamy blend of milk and sugar.

Jasmine Ice Cream

Our fragrant Jasmine flavor captures the airy sweetness of an afternoon breeze, with hints of honeysuckle whipped into our milk and sugar blend. Serenade your senses with this light and flowery ice cream, sure to make any day taste like Springtime.

Orange Blossom Ice Cream

Orange Blossom water is blended with our silky milk base for a deep, floral flavor, and a note of  citrus peel. Imagine strolling through a hundred trees bursting with citrus fruit and inhaling their sweet aroma. That’s the essence of orange blossom ice cream.