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Saffron and Rose is known for their premium persian flavors, but that hasn't stopped them from expanding over the years, going to the ends of the earth to source the most flavorful and luxurious ingredients.

Saffron Pistachio

Our best-selling flavor is a love potion of Middle Eastern flavor, featuring a heavenly blend of  Golden Saffron, rosewater, and toasted pistachio. Take a trip to the beautiful mountainous land of Iran with every bite. Fragrant, lightly spiced, and finished with a crunch of rich pistachio – this ice cream captures every heart that tastes it. 
Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom water is blended with our silky milk base for a deep, floral flavor, and a note of  citrus peel. Imagine strolling through a hundred trees bursting with citrus fruit and inhaling their sweet aroma. That’s the essence of orange blossom ice cream
White Rose

A white rose sheds its petal: sweet, perfumed and light as a feather.  We combine this floral essence – a beloved flavor of the Middle East – with tides of rich heavy cream. The result is a white rose ice cream which melts on the tongue in a flurry of delicate, flowery sweetness.
Pink Rose

We captured the essence of the color pink in this playful blend of rosewater and California cactus pear.  Take a bite of creamy, candy sweetness with pops of bubblegum and floral perfume. Our pink rose ice cream tastes as pretty as it looks: perfectly exquisite.


This purple flower is best-known for its herbal scent, but Iranians have been making heavenly treats with Lavender for centuries. Unlock elegant, Middle-Eastern flavor with every bite of Lavender ice cream, infused with just the right amount of bittersweetness in a creamy blend of milk and sugar.

Our fragrant Jasmine flavor captures the airy sweetness of an afternoon breeze, with hints of honeysuckle whipped into our milk and sugar blend. Serenade your senses with this light and flowery ice cream, sure to make any day taste like Springtime.

There’s nothing quite like biting into a Medjool date: chewy, buttery fruit with a deep, caramel flavor. We could only think of one way to improve this ingredient: enveloping it in our signature blend of Persian ice cream. Sweet, sun-baked dates are chopped and folded into a blanket of milk and sugar, then chilled to perfection for a rich, ambrosial treat fit for the Gods.

Crisper and sweeter than traditional varieties, Persian cucumber refreshes our velvety ice cream like a shower of sweet rain on the earth. Heavy cream and ribbons of grated cucumber form an oasis of succulent flavor in every spoonful.

Our Passionfruit ice cream is a little cup of island paradise bursting with sweet and tangy flavor. We blend this exotic fruit into our creamy base and a hint of sea salt to enhance its tropical taste. Bon voyage, fruit lovers!

Our Nutella ice cream will coat your tongue in chocolatey, milk-and-sugar goodness. A love letter addressed to you, composed of sweet coco and toasted hazelnuts, sealed with a kiss and a pleasant nutty aftertaste. It’s the Valentine you should have gotten this year.

The juicy, red pomegranate ignites an unexpected tartness in our signature blend, forging an ice cream that is sweet, tangy, and delightfully bold. Swirled with notes of sour cherry and decadent cheesecake, this flavor honors a fruit beloved by the people of Iran.

Chilled rosewater sorbet forms the base of this ancient Persian dessert, enriched with paper-thin rice noodles for a delicate crunch. Light, fresh and blissfully sweet, this frosted, flowery treat melts on the tongue in moments.  Add a squeeze of lime juice, and you have an unbeatable summer sweet.