Explore the globe by taste, pick your new favorite ice cream flavor!

Saffron and Rose is known for their premium Persian ice cream flavors, but that hasn't stopped them from expanding over the years, going to the ends of the earth to source the most flavorful and luxurious ingredients. At Saffron and Rose Ice Cream, we are always creating new and
delicious products. This is a list of our most popular and common
flavors. This is not the complete list of all flavors, we have an everexpanding
menu as well as seasonal specialties. Check out our floral flavors, our fruit flavors and our chocolate flavors!

Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream

Our best-selling flavor is a love potion of Middle Eastern flavor, featuring a heavenly blend of  Golden Saffron, rosewater, and toasted pistachio. Take a trip to the beautiful mountainous land of Iran with every bite. Fragrant, lightly spiced, and finished with a crunch of rich pistachio – this ice cream captures every heart that tastes it. We have a vegan and a diet version as well.

Faloodeh Persian Ice Cream

Chilled rosewater sorbet forms the base of this ancient Persian dessert, enriched with paper-thin rice noodles for a delicate crunch. Light, fresh and blissfully sweet, this frosted, flowery treat melts on the tongue in moments.  Add a squeeze of lime juice, and you have an unbeatable summer sweet. It is a vegan ice cream. Contains gluten.

White Rose Ice Cream

A white rose sheds its petal: sweet, perfumed and light as a feather.  We combine this floral essence – a beloved flavor of the Middle East – with tides of rich heavy cream. The result is a white rose ice cream which melts on the tongue in a flurry of delicate, flowery sweetness.

Pink Rose Ice Cream

We captured the essence of the color pink in this playful blend of rosewater and California cactus pear.  Take a bite of creamy, candy sweetness with pops of bubblegum and floral perfume. Our pink rose ice cream tastes as pretty as it looks: perfectly exquisite.

Almond Ice Cream

Organic whole almonds are chopped and blended into
our signature milk-base.

Cucumber Ice Cream

Crisper and sweeter than traditional varieties, Persian cucumber refreshes our velvety ice cream like a shower of sweet rain on the earth. Heavy cream and ribbons of grated cucumber form an oasis of succulent flavor in every spoonful.

Taro and Ube Ice Cream

A blend of organic Taro and Ube mixed into our
signature milk-base. (Taro and Ube are similar root-vegetables
from Southeast Asia).

Coconut Ice Cream

Organic coconut is shaved and toasted then blended
into our signature milk- base.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Top quality green tea blended into our signature milkbase.

Green Pistachio Ice Cream

Loaded with fresh pistachios in our signature milkbase.
Similar to our Saffron with pistachio except no rosewater, no
khameh, no saffron.

Vanilla Ice Cream

High quality French vanilla added to our signature milkbase.

Ginger Ice Cream

Organic ginger is peeled and grated into our signature
milk-base. spicy and delicious.