Is Saffron and Rose Persian ice cream organic?

Yes, 100% and our ingredients are all high-quality. All of our products are USDA organic certified: our fruits, our chocolate, our nuts, our flowers and plants, etc.


Do you have vegan options?

Yes. The faloodeh is vegan. Then we have vegan versions of some regular flavors: vegan saffron with pistachios, vegan pomegranate, vegan dark chocolate. In order to get these versions, you will have to ask for them before you order because they are not displayed with the other flavors to avoid cross contamination for lactose intolerants. We might have new vegan flavors as well, so we recommend you ask for it, you will be surprised!


Do you have any sugar-free or diet ice cream?

Yes. The Saffron, this version is sugar-free and pistachio-free. We recommend you ask directly at the shop because we might have new diet flavors too.


Do you have any seasonal flavors or flavors that we can only find temporarily at the shop?

Yes, but it varies. Among our seasonal ice cream flavors we have: mix berry ice cream, cantaloupe ice cream, guava ice cream, pumpkin ice cream, persimmon ice cream, avocado ice cream, sour cherry ice cream. 


What ice cream flavors contain nuts?

- Saffron with pistachios.

- Green pistachio.

- Dark chocolate: walnuts.

- Amazing almond.

- Nutella: hazelnuts.


What ice cream flavors contain gluten?

- Faloodeh.

- Cookies and cream.

- Dark chocolate.


Is your ice cream produced locally?

Yes. We have a factory downtown L.A. where we produce our delicious Persian ice cream. That is what makes possible that we provide regularly the freshest ice cream to our two locations in California and also to you.


Can I order through your website?

No, right now you cannot order via our website because we are working on our delivery system. We will let you know when the situation is solved. What you can do is go to our homepage, scroll down and find one of our delivery partners that suits you best. You can choose among them: Doordash, UberEats, Postmates and GrubHub.